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Jan 26th
In the Hobbies, Creative, Knowledge, & Fitness section of the Winter Wonderland Pak you will find some shorter versions of the Maxis bookcases.

Jan 18th
Deb has created a new home, you can find it in the Residential Lots section of the Winter Wonderland Pak.

Dec 23rd
SimBlossom has created some new beds with Christmas quilts for the Winter Wonderland Pak, you can find them in the Seating section.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

Dec 22nd
In the Winter Wonderland Pak you can find some new interior walls to use to brighten up the house for the holidays.

Dec 19th
In the Winter Wonderland Pak you can find new downloads in Decorative, Seating, and Residential Lots.

Dec 7th
Added some new lots to the Christmas Village, more to come! Hugs!!

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