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Crazy Color Pak of Maxis Cars

Date: June 7, 2008Creator: Blossom

Liz says she dreams about a car lot with these colors.
Now you can make her dream come true. ;)
Warning: Some Men or Sims may find these colors atrocious!

Download: FPN99Cars.rar (748 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2, Nightlife

Fans - won't flash blue!

Date: September 10, 2008Creator: nocommente

IMPORTANT! I updated this mesh so it won't flash blue. If you already have this mesh, please save your original copy somewhere and put this file in your download folder.

All ages, both genders. Found under eyeglasses.

Special treat - they have icons in CAS and when you "change appearance" in the mirror! They will NOT show up in Bodyshop.

Special thanks to bipsouille for the mesh, and for allowing me to update it.

Download: mesh_bipsouille_eventail1.zip (537 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_asian-fan-1-leopard.zip (488 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_asian-fan-4-blue-leaves.zip (627 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_asian-fan-5-blue-gold.zip (689 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_asian-fan-6-purple.zip (524 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_asian-fan-7-red-gold.zip (501 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_asian-fan-12-gold.zip (517 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_Asian-fan-bluewh.zip (514 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_Asian-fan-moon.zip (567 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_Asian-fan-pinkfl.zip (499 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_Asian-fan-pnk-gr.zip (496 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente_Asian-fan-waves.zip (524 Downloads)
Download: nocommente_mountain-fan.zip (490 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente-fan-flame.zip (498 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente-fan-flame2.zip (487 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2

Butterfly watching instead of bird watching

Date: September 10, 2008Creator: nocommente

This is a small file that replaces the bird watching icons with butterflies. Everything else remains the same.

Download: Nocommente-Talk-Icons-Birdwatching.zip (639 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2, FreeTime

Conversation icon replacements

Date: September 11, 2008Creator: nocommente

Tired of your sims talking about blue hats and oil drums? Well now they can talk about ravens, butterflies, and...well, why don't you download and find out?

These are very simple files that replace the conversation icons. Nothing else is changed.

Nocommente-Talk-Icons-subjects contains the files for conversation subjects. Nocommente-Talk-Icons-plus-minus contains files for relationship plus, double plus, minus, and double minus.

You can use these downloads to make your own replacements. Using SimPE, you extract, edit, and "Build DTX" the same as if doing an object recolor.

Download: Nocommente-Talk-Icons-subjects.zip (629 Downloads)
Download: Nocommente-Talk-Icons-plus-minus.zip (575 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2