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Date: October 28, 2008Creator: Nocommente

Welcome to the Lark and Fury Pak, this is a totally new idea in game play and we hope you will enjoy it.

Please read all instructions to insure that the download works correctly.

We've expanded on the idea of the EAxis Sim Stories and created a hood to be played in the TS2 game in much the same way.

This hood has a controller created by the multi-talented jfade of DJS Sims, so you know it's going to be good.

Everything you need to get started is in the 8 rar files so you will need to download all 8 rar files, a total of 189MB, this is a multi set of compressed files so you need the whole set. To extract them just right click on the first in the set and choose Extract Here. Your program will automatically extract all in the set.
*Note, Most Zip or Rar programs can handle multi sets, if you need a program I've included the links to several on this page.

After extracting you will have a folder called "Larksville", in it will be 3 sub-folders.

Place "N042", in your Neighborhoods folder.
Place "N042 downloads", in your Downloads folder. (The controller is in this folder)
Place "N042 default replacements" also in your Downloads folder.

The default replacements are harmless - private school uniforms, a pink step stool, and a newspaper. If you prefer, you can skip using these. But the school uniforms are fun, so give them a chance. You can remove the "N042 default replacements" at any time.

We also recommend getting "Is chair a booth" by Inge Jones, so the picnic table works properly. MTS2 Direct Link or from Simlogicial

To play the challenge, just find The School of Perfection. Enter the lot and begin playing. After a moment a message should pop up, and your challenge begins!

We've created a special forum called Larksville where you can ask questions, get answers to any problems, or just post pics and discuss the pack with other players.
Stop in and visit us at The Larksville Forum

Have fun, the wacky team of the N99 Forum Paks

*Compression Program Links -
Izarc Free program.
ALZip Free program.
WinrarPay program, download the free trial.

You MUST download all 8 files or the multi-rar will not extract.

Download: Larksville.part01.rar (1699 Downloads)
Download: Larksville.part02.rar (1459 Downloads)
Download: Larksville.part03.rar (1411 Downloads)
Download: Larksville.part04.rar (1412 Downloads)
Download: Larksville.part05.rar (1318 Downloads)
Download: Larksville.part06.rar (1339 Downloads)
Download: Larksville.part07.rar (1324 Downloads)
Download: Larksville.part08.rar (1342 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, FreeTime