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In Between Maxis Skintones

Date: June 4, 2008Creator: JoyLyn

This is a special gift to the N99 Forum Pack from JoyLyn, she's adjusted the Maxis skins to add some in-between skin tones that she would like to share with everyone. These are all based on the maxis skintones, but in tones that fit between the Maxis colors for a more gradual variation. They are 'binned' so that they are inheritable by the children of sims with maxis skintones.

Download: JoyLynskintone3_1-75.rar (640 Downloads)
Download: JoyLynskintone3_1-5.rar (551 Downloads)
Download: JoyLynskintone3_1-25.rar (569 Downloads)
Download: JoyLynskintone2_1-5.rar (584 Downloads)
Download: JoyLynskintone1_1-5.rar (559 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2