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Medievil Village

Date: September 8, 2008Creator: Arenaria

I originaly designed these to re-create the village of Bree in the Lord Of The Rings movies...but people lost interest in LOTR. Here are four houses to decorate your Hood. Keep in mind these are NOT lots, these are neighborhood decorations! Much lower in poly count and rendering time then trying to decorate your hood by building many lots to populate your scene!

Download: Arenaria_Bree_Village.zip (2356 Downloads)
Requirements: Seasons


Date: October 7, 2008Creator: Arenaria

This is one of the first things I ever made for the game. Be nice, I have since improved!

Download: ArenariaIsengard.zip (928 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2, University

Brick House

Date: October 13, 2008Creator: arenaria

This is NOT a lot, it is a hood decoration. Add "neighbors" without the resource load of having to build a bunch of houses just to "populate" your street! I am trying to remember, but I think it is around 300 polys!

Download: Arenaria_BrickHouse.zip (1380 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2

Farm Houses

Date: October 22, 2008Creator: arenaria

Two more farmhouses to decorate your neighborhood. These are not lots, just decorative. I have altered them so they can be placed over roads and on lots as well. I do this to ALL my neighborhood decorations, btw! It always annoyed me that you culd not place Maxis Rocks ccloser to a lot or over the road. I altered those as well.....anyone want them? (altered Maxis rocks)...they still have the old pre-Apartment life texture.

Download: Arenaria_greenHOUSE.zip (1186 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_whiteHOUSE.zip (1246 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2