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Country Kitchen

Date: October 14, 2008Creator: Arenaria

I have uploaded this set in four parts so you can just get the meshes of a few items that I have made recolors for, if you wish to. 1. The "Country_Kitchen" zip contains the sink, highchair, table, chair, breadbox\microwave, the coffee mill, and the canned goods. These are of course new meshes as well, but I have not made recolors. If you need me to post JUST the mesh of one of these items, let me know! 2. The "Country Cupboards" zip is a three way mesh, the regular cabinet mesh converts to the iron sink legs when you drop a sink on it, the corner unit already has the decorative bowl on it.

Download: Arenaria_Country_Kitchen.zip (1354 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_antiqueStove.zip (1407 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_AntiqueIcebox.zip (1537 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_Antique_Cupboards.zip (1193 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2

Country Kitchen Recolors

Date: October 14, 2008Creator: Arenaria

You will need to get the meshes..below?...or maybe above?..I dunno!!!

Download: Arenaria_AntiqueStove_recolors.zip (1425 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_Antiquefridgerecolors.zip (1251 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2