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Casual Work Wear

Date: September 25, 2008Creator: Arenaria

I dunno, it was cold that day and I was wishing I had dressed warmer, so I made my Self-Sim something warm and comfy instead!...Yeah I know, my mind works really strange sometimes!

Download: Arenaria_Work1.zip (915 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2

Work Clothes

Date: September 25, 2008Creator: arenaria


Download: workinmen.zip (694 Downloads)
Requirements: Open for Business

Spring Skirts

Date: September 25, 2008Creator: arenaria

I dunno...I like sheer, breezy skirts!

Download: springskirtset.zip (765 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2


Date: October 6, 2008Creator: Arenaria

Hope you like these!..and if you don't be kind!

Download: Arenaria_underware.zip (769 Downloads)
Requirements: Nightlife

Medieval Dress

Date: October 13, 2008Creator: arenaria

Rich tapestry, and brocade.

Download: Arenaria_Dress.zip (752 Downloads)
Requirements: H & M Fashion Stuff