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The Crone's Kitchen

Date: October 21, 2008Creator: Arenaria

What does this old Witch DO in this kitchen...you just never know! I had so much fun making this set!!! I seperated it into several zips as there are a LOT of items to this set.
1. Two walls (one plain and one with a backsplash for behind the counter)and the floor in "Crone_Walls"
2. The table,(accessories on it are included)...the Coffee Maker, and the Dishwasher (I put a surprise in it!) are in the Zip called "Crone Appliances"
3. In "Crone Cuboard" zip, you will find the copper sink and the three way cabinets. When you place the sink on the cabinet, it changes to the copper base you see in the preview, and the corner unit comes with potion bottles on it and different door assembly.
4."Crone_Stove" zip contains both parts of the stove. On the left side you need to drop the included "grill" into the space, or your Sims will walk through that half of the stove! I fixed it so it is safe indoors without catching fire. All accessories shown are included already on the stove.
5.The "Crone Accessories" zip contains the spice chart, small potion cabinet, the rug, and the pot rack.

Download: Arenaria_Crone_Cupboard_Sink.zip (1775 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_Crone_Stove.zip (1586 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_Crone_appliances_Table.zip (1763 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_Crone_accessories.zip (1805 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_Crone_Walls_Floors.zip (1448 Downloads)
Requirements: Seasons

Gothic Parlor

Date: October 22, 2008Creator: arenaria

3 new meshes, feel free to re-color if you want. The column is a one story column.
The "room" zip includes the sofa, column, drapes, and a painting.
I put the wall and carpet in a seperate zip, if you want those as well.

Download: Arenaria_Gothic_Room.zip (1039 Downloads)
Download: Arenaria_Gothic_wall_carpet.zip (923 Downloads)
Requirements: The Sims 2