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The Daisy Bath

Creator: Komasutra Credits: -
File Size: 490KB
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: -

The big flower craze lives on in this bathroom recreation. It's all done using recolors of Maxis meshes.

Download Set

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The Orange Bath

Creator: Komasutra Credits: SunAir Sims and Mango Sims -
File Size: 379KB
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: -

A recreation of the 70s bath seen in the photo below, siminized for your pixel people.

The recreation was made using meshes from --

The lamp is Maxis the picture is a Maxis recolor
The toilet is Mango Sims set Magnolia
Bottom cabinets and the sink meshes are from SunAir Sims set PMW at TSR
The shelves are from SunAir Sims set2 modern wood bathroom
The tub, shower and mirror are from SunAir Sims lineal bathroom set2

If you would like to try the look, here's where to get some of the other objects in the screenshot. --
The Mirrored rug is from SunAir Sims as are the candles.

Download Bath Recolors

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The Retro Turquoise and Black Bath

Creator: Komasutra Credits: -
File Size:
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: -

I don't know about you, but I think this bathroom looks marvelous! And, I think your Simmies will like it too.

Parts of this set need expansion packs, but most is TS2.

Downloads --

Bathmat (echo mesh included)
Tub Shower Combo
Standing Screen
Fish Wall Deco (FFS)
Cheap Toilet
Cheap Shower
Toiletmat (mesh included)
Wall and Floor

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