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Hannah's Grape Lamp

Creator: Xiomara Credits: -
File Size: 305KB
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: -

Casting a glow over the room, you could just stand there basking in the beauty of the sight, it's a glass sculpture that lights up the night.

New mesh

Download --
Download the Lamp

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Disco Ball

Creator: Xiomara Credits: -
File Size:
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: -

Light up your dance floor with a Disco Ball, just the right atmosphere to take you back to the 70s.

Download --

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Working Disco Ball

Creator: CTNutmegger Credits: -
File Size: 115KB and 153KB
Requires: Nightlife Also Requires: -

Bringing back the dance craze with a working disco ball, mesh contains only white lights, you must download the colored ones and then choose the combo of colors you want when placing it.
New mesh by CTNutmegger for the N99 Retro Decades Project.

Free to re-colour as you want, however if you post on a pay site, this mesh MUST remain a free download, or post a link to a free download.
Anything made by me is File-Share-Friendly and MUST remain that way.


Download - MESH

Download - Recolors

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