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Set of Collections For the Maxis Match Pack

Creator: Celebkiriedhel Credits: -
File Size: 83kb
Requires: The Sims 2

This is a set of Collections for the objects in the N99 MM Pack. They have new easy to read icons and are most helpful in finding all the new MM downloads you got here.

To install, unzip and place all files in your, ".....\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Collections", folder.

Download the Collections

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Recolors of Maxis Lockers

Creator: deele4952 Credits: -
File Size: 202kb
Requires: University

6 Recolors of Maxis Uni Lockers (University Expansion)


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Fireplace Dot

Creator: CTNutmegger Credits: -
File Size: 5 KB
Requires: The Sims 2

Another one of the famous "Dots" by CTNutmegger, this time for the Fireplaces!


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Maxis Season's Match Set

Creator: SP_Xiomara Credits: -
File Size: 1711kb
Requires: Seasons

Oh the wonder!! A whole set of Maxis Match goodies just to match the Season's Shabby Chic objects. Set includes mirrors, bookcase and coffee table all with recolors to match the Maxis colors.

Not linked, the pieces must be recolored to match any recolors made for the original counter.

Download the Maxis Season's Match Set

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MM Art Nouveau Bookcase Large

Creator: Komasutra Credits: -
File Size: 437kb
Requires: Seasons

A large 3 tile version of the Art nouveau bookcase. A centerpeice for your room.

Download Large Bookcase

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