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The Rooster Kitchen

Creator: JessicaRitchie Credits: jfade and CTNutmegger -
File Size: 1688KB
Requires: Open for Business Also Requires: -

This kitchen is really something to crow about, if you're going to spend a lot of time in a kitchen, this is the one to do it in.

Includes Retro Barstool mesh by jfade, plus Pie Safe, Stove Hood, and Breadbox meshes by CTNutmegger (All TS2, no exp pack needed).

For upper cabinets to work you need the expansion pack upper cabinets from MTS2 by CTNutmegger.

Download the Rooster Kitchen Set

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The Green Kitchen

Creator: Komasutra Credits: SunAir Sims, Mango Sims, and Sims2Play -
File Size: 434KB
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: -

This is a recreation of a magazine photo seen at the top of the screenshot. Right out of the 70s and siminized for you.

To get the effect seen on the island counter the, "moveobjects on", was used.

The recreation uses meshes, not included, from --
The bottom cupboards are Maxis
the upper cabs are Mango Simsset Mikado
the bamboo blinds are Sims 2 Play
the wine rack is SunAir

If you'd like to get the 73 VW Beetle parked outside, it's by Exnem and is available at MTS2 (recolor not included in my zip)

Download Kitchen Recolors

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Table and Chair Recolors

Creator: Komasutra Credits: -
File Size: 79KB for Chairs and 390KB for Tables
Requires: Nightlife Also Requires: -

Why settle for a plain old table when you can have one that looks like is, and with chairs to match the look is perfect.

Recolor of Maxis mesh.

Download Chair Recolors

Download Tablecloth Recolors

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Retro Bar Stools Recolors

Creator: JessicaRitchie Credits: -
File Size: 363KB
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: Retro Bar Stools - Click to Get Mesh

Something to brighten up the bar or the kitchen island, bring a little sunshine to your pad.

Needs the DJS mesh found on the last page of this site under Objects.

Download --

Bar Stools Recolors

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Retro Bar Stool - Solid Colored Recolors

Creator: jfade Credits: -
File Size: About 9 KB Per Recolor
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: Retro Bar Stools - Click to Get Mesh

Six nice solid colored recolors of Retro Bar Stools mesh.

Download Links:
Download Brown!
Download Lime!
Download Pink!
Download Purple!
Download Red!
Download Green!

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Retro Bar Stools

Creator: jfade Credits: N/A -
File Size: About 103 KB Each
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: N/A -

RetroCo's Save the 60s Barstool

Here at RetroCo, we love living in the past. That's why we're working hard to bring you vintage furniture at a modern price! This stylish barstool comes with sturdy, shiny legs that won't let you down, and the seat is made of sturdy, reliable asbestos! You can't go wrong with asbestos! Handcrafted and brought to you so that you too can live in the past by the fine folks at RetroCo, a division of Fade Industries!

NOTE: The version with the back pulls it's colors from the version without the back, so you'll need both files for the version with the back to function properly.

Download Links:
Download Barstool Without Back!
Download Barstool With Back!

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