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N099 - The Full Hood, Welcome to Project

Creator: CTNutmegger :) Credits: -
File Size: 65.2MB zip or 39MB rar
Requires: Seasons Also Requires: -

This is a new remodeled version of the N99 Hood, created April 1, 2007 to fix a small problem with the old one. We all hope you will enjoy it as much as the old version This version was created with the Seasons expansion pack installed

This is, "The N99 Hood Project", a complete Neighborhood with Community, Shopping, Recreation, Work, Schools, Churches, Final Resting and enough Housing choices to fill any Sim's idea of a great place to live and raise a family.

The Hood has been created with the N099 number so it will not overwrite any of the hoods you have now. Unless of course you have over 99 hoods in your folder LOL, which I doubt, but, you never know ....

To install it, just unzip the folder and it's contents intact to your, "......\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods", folder. Start your game and you should see a new hood icon for you to enter.

This is a large download, 65MB for the zip or 39MB for the rar version, because of that all the lots and the terrain will be available as separate downloads also. You will find them on the other pages under the appropriate headings.

Some of the lots are furnished, some in part, and some are just filler shells that you can use to create whatever your hood might need.

ALL the Custom Content needed for this hood can be found in the following post.

This hood was also created with all expansions installed, please take that into account if you decide to download in one piece.

Download the

Full N99 Hood in ZIP format
Full N99 Hood in RAR format


Additional Pictures

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All Downloads Needed Pack

Creator: The N99 Project Team Credits: -
File Size: 18MB
Requires: Pets Also Requires: -

There are 3 handy downloads in this post, be sure to read the directions for installing them, and have fun. All have been tested without problems, but if you have trouble please let us know.

In this zip file you will find all downloads used to create the Neighborhood. The Neighborhood Download does not contain any Custom Content as that is not stored by the game in that folder.

Without the Custom Content you will find many walls, floors, etc, to be untextured and you could find Maxis objects in strange places. (The Maxis base object used to clone the new one will replace the missing download.)

Although we tried to use only things created by the N99 Project Team a few odds and ends may have slipped through. If you find something that you think should not have been included in this zip please let us know so the problem can be fixed.

To install this file --
Unzip it to your, ....\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads, folder.

It contains several sub folders, one for each lot in the hood and in them you will find the Custom Content used on that lot. You can leave them as they are, there are no duplicates, I removed any I found using the Clean Installer

If you have other downloads I would recommend that you use the Clean Installer to scan your Downloads folder for duplicates again once you install this pack. It's a very handy program to clean up any extras that aren't necessary. (It will show duplicates in PINK hi-light and hacks in RED, it also finds empty packs and makes it easy to Disable, Delete/Remove or Move them as well.

Pets needed --

Download the CC Pack

Would you like the Terrain file? Here it is, just unzip and place all files included in your, "...\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\SC4Terrains", folder. Then you can choose the version you would like, lush, desert, concrete, or dirt.

For all game versions --

Download the SC4 Terrain

If you would like to get the great views of your neighborhood that you see here, here's the file that will let you do it. Unzip and place in your, "....\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Cameras", folder. It will overwrite the one in there, so copy or zip that file to a safe place out of the game folder before you put the new one in there.

*UPDATED July 10, 07*

For all game versions --

Download the Neighborhood Camera File

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Neighborhood 98, the Mini Version

Creator: CTNutmegger :) Credits: -
File Size: 2.3MB
Requires: The Sims 2 Also Requires: -

This is the Mini version of Hood 99, appropriately named N098. We used the high numbers to avoid possibly overwriting any of your other hoods.

To install it, just unzip the folder and it's contents intact to your, "......\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Neighborhoods", folder. Start your game and you should see a new hood icon to enter.

It was built in a base game so it should work for everyone. There are only 2 lots, a Town Green, and a Lighthouse on the point. There are no Sims at all; I removed all of them so your game will generate all new ones depending on what versions of the game you have installed.

Download -

N098 Mini Hood

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