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Chai Rural 1 - Norma and her bunch

Creator: Chaisipper Credits: -
File Size: 1.04 mb
Requires: Seasons Also Requires: -

Rural Simmies Norma and Junior are newlyweds tryin' to make their way in the world...

Our motto: If you lived here, you'd be a Simmie.


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Chai Trailer 1 - Jim Bob Johnson and his Dawgs

Creator: Chaisipper Credits: CTNutmegger (THANKS!!!!) -
File Size: 3.68mb
Requires: Seasons Also Requires: -

Jim Bob Johnson and his dawgs, Dawg, Dawg, and Dawg, welcome you to their de-luxe trailer home which was handcrafted and decorated by Jim Bob, with creative input by one o' dem dawgs (can't remember which one spoke up).

Our motto: If you raised dawgs here, you'd be a Simmie.


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The Prada Family

Creator: DaniCast Credits: -
File Size: 2 Mb
Requires: Open for Business Also Requires: -

The name is fancy but they are broke. Nicholas just started a flower business and Gia works serving tables. To complete the situation, they have 4 girls and live in a box.

Nicholas and Gia are deep in love and love can conquer all, so their financial situation don´t really bother them, they are a very happy family. They have 4 lovely happy girls and they don´t mind to live in a box - it´s their box and that´s is all that matters. Your mission, in case you accept it, is raise the girls, make the Prada Flower Business grow and make Nicholas and Gia most secret wants come true.

Download the Family

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